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Dragon Scale Flooring is EPA Certified Lead-Safe

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm logo

Lead is a naturally occurring element found in the earth. It has some beneficial uses but can be toxic to humans’ and animals’ health. You may be aware that paint used to contain lead and is linked to nervous system damage, stunted growth, and kidney damage. There are very serious risks to lead exposure when sanding, installing, and finishing home and commercial flooring. Many contractors either are not aware of the risks or choose to ignore them.

Dragon Scale Flooring doesn’t agree with ignoring a problem that poses health risks to the public and our environment. Our company has taken great strides to use quality lead-free materials, and has undergone review with the Environmental Protection Agency. After careful review from the EPA we are proud to announce that Dragon Scale Flooring is the only comprehensive flooring company in the country that is certified lead-free.

We will continue to focus on safety and health, for our customers, staff, and the environment. It is our goal to be a leader in our industry and set benchmarks for others to follow.

We encourage you to educate yourself on the EPA’s Lead Free Initiative and to contact Dragon Scale Flooring when you want a trustworthy and environmentally safe company for your commercial and residential flooring needs.