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Dragon Scale Flooring Gives Back


Why We Give Back

At Dragon Scale Flooring we believe in giving back to the community, we particularly love children’s charities and giving in ways that improve education for our young people. That is why Dragon Scale Flooring surprised one lucky classroom with a donation that fully funded their eighth grade science class’s need for a large set of Rubik’s cubes. We continue to look for ways to help with Children and Education all year long, and we encourage other individuals and businesses to do the same, if you’re looking for a way to help try donorschoose and select the teachers category, you can view local school projects that need funding near you!p2124755 004 mdlg

The Project

Students use the class Rubik’s cubes as an extension activity in our classroom. Rubik’s cubes are a great “brain break” activity that brings engineering and problem solving into our classroom.

Students work on the cube throughout the year to identify patterns, learn to solve the cube and create mosaics.

Rubik’s cubes are a great individual activity, but also build collaboration as students teach each other how to solve the cube. Rubik’s cubes provide an appropriate amount of challenge that grows with the student. Students begin following directions to complete the first step to solve the cube and gradually work up to solving independently and quickly.

What The Class Had To Say

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Dear Dragon Scale Flooring Inc,

Thank you for donating a set of Rubik’s cubes to my eighth grade science classroom. The cubes were used to complete a class set that are available to my students when they are finished their classwork, on Friday’s during our study hall time and to students to use during lunch time. Students have enjoyed figuring out how the cube works and teaching themselves how to solve it. Students usually begin by following the solution guide, then memorize the patterns to solve the cube and then try to improve their speed. A few weeks ago one of my students was very happy on a Friday afternoon when he solved a cube for the first time. He continued to push himself and about two weeks later solved a cube without using the solution guide. He is still enjoying the cubes and now likes to see how many he can solve in one sitting.

One of the great things about having Rubik’s cubes in the classroom is that they allow students to take a break, but still do something stimulating and non-electronic. Quite often after my students complete a quiz or other intense assignment, they grab a cube for the last few minutes of class. The cubes are very good at keeping my students engaged, without wasting class time, giving them busy work or relying on technology and more screen time. The Rubik’s cubes provide a “brain break” that is really just a fresh activity that is stills using their brain.

The Rubik’s cubes will continue to be a part of our classroom for the remainder of the year. As some of the students master solving the cube, they become coaches and teachers to the other who are still figuring it out. The cubes build community while providing a fun mathematical puzzle. I love being able to provide this opportunity for my students. Thank you for your support of children, education and my class!

With gratitude,

Ms. Wolfinger