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DIY Options for Liquid Flooring

Perhaps you’ve been putting off sealing your garage or basement floor for years and it’s finally time to make that a priority. Or maybe you’ve just moved into a new (to you) home and you’d like to seal the current garage floor to help preserve it. Or perhaps you’d like to stain your boring concrete flooring to change the aesthetic of a room or basement while also adding a layer of protection. You’ve seen ads for do it yourself flooring and you’d like to give it a try to save some money, but is that the best idea? Let’s look at some DIY options for liquid flooring.
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What Options are Available for DIY Projects?

Whether you want to seal your concrete flooring or stain it, you have many options available that can be purchased online. Epoxy flooring kits are available for purchase that come with everything you need for your DIY project, as well as individual items. No matter what you decide to do, all flooring projects require proper prep and finish work. For epoxy flooring, sealing, and staining, floors need to be properly prepped prior to installing the flooring, and properly sealed following. If you are purchasing a kit for your flooring, these products should be included, but if you are buying piece by piece be sure you order all the products and application tools you will need.

Where are these Materials Available?

Flooring materials can be ordered online for your convenience. At East Coast Kemiko we have a wide selection of liquid flooring options available for purchase online. Whether you are looking for a kit, an application tool, or one step of the flooring process, we’ve got you covered. Our products also provide basic instructions for application and we offer free trainings for DIYers and contractors on proper application techniques. Sealing and staining can absolutely be done at home by an experienced DIYer, but not everyone is so comfortable with home projects.

What Other Options are There?

If DIY isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve teamed up with Dragon Scale Flooring for professionally installed flooring up and down the east coast. For homeowners or business owners who simply don’t have the time or experience to comfortably handle installing liquid flooring, we’d love to connect you with an installer local to you! You can rest assured that when you choose East Coast Kemiko and Dragon Scale Flooring you are choosing the best and that your investment will last for many years.

Liquid flooring can protect your concrete flooring, making it last for years and years to come. Whether your goal is purely functional or also decorative using stains on your concrete, we’ve got everything you need available for purchase. If you are unsure of what products you need for a DIY project, please give us a call today. We’d love to talk you through your project, give you information about any upcoming training sessions, or connect you with an installer local to you!