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Decorative Concrete

Dragon Scale is proud to offer decorative concrete applications. With the help of our experienced installers, your office, bathroom, garage, or other special areas will not only look great but will also be built to last. Here’s what you need to know about decorative concrete from Dragon Scale.

decorative concrete dragon scale

Acid Stains vs. Epoxy

When you opt for decorative concrete, you have two options. One option, acid staining, involves applying a colored acid or water-based stain to alter the look of the floor. This then alters the appearance of the concrete floor in various ways. No matter the final look of the stained flooring, it will have to be treated regularly with waxes or other sealers to maintain its impeccable appearance. 

The second option, epoxy, involves progressively grinding down the concrete floor surface with fine grinding tools until it develops the desired sheen. With epoxy, the floor becomes less porous and more durable than untreated or stained concrete. This type of finish will require regular professional buffing or other surface treatments to maintain its polished look over time. 

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Dragon Scale offers decorative concrete that even the average person can apply. That’s why we give you the option of having your decorative concrete floors done by one of our expert installers or installing them yourself. When you choose to have your floors installed by one of our professionals, we guarantee great results, professional service, and timely cleanup.

However, if you want to install your decorative concrete floors on your own, Dragon Scale makes it easy for you to do. Our wide selection of tools and stains means you have the tools needed to complete your flooring job. 

Knowledgeable Chemists 

Dragon Scale doesn’t leave anything to chance. We have two chemists that are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. They help you choose the right decorative concrete application and ensure that they educate you on the best types of decorative concrete applications. That way, you have a better understanding of the process, and you can do it again in the future. 

Visit Dragon Scale Today

Dragon Scale, Inc is here to help you with your flooring project. With our headquarters in Jessup, MD, and several other locations in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Maryland, you‘ll have no problem finding the right decorative concrete for your project. Visit one of our showrooms or click here to request a quote for your project.