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Why Concrete Pool Coatings are Important

An in-ground pool is a huge investment, and one which you want to keep in the best condition for as long as possible. Did you know you can reduce overall pool maintenance and improve an underground pool’s longevity by applying a simple pool coating epoxy to the surface? Here is more on concrete pool coatings, why they are important, and who can benefit from them.

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Why use a Concrete Pool Coating?

A concrete pool coating is an effective way to protect your pool’s concrete and prevent the long-term damage caused by salt, chlorine, UV damage, and algae growth. Pool coatings also create a smooth surface for your pool which can eliminate the risk of concrete scraps caused by accidentally bumping a knee or elbow on the floor of a pool.

Who Would Benefit from a Pool Coating?

A concrete pool coating can be used by anyone who wants one. Those industries and consumers who would benefit the most from this type of protective coating are:

  • Residential above-ground or in-ground pools
  • Amusement and theme parks
  • Country club indoor or outdoor pools
  • Aquariums
  • Fountains and water features
  • Pool deck refinishing

Pool coatings are a great option for refinishing older pools as opposed to replacing them when they crack or spring a leak. When epoxy bonds to your pool liner, it also seals tiny cracks, helping your pool last longer.

How to Apply a Concrete Pool Coating?

Pool coating epoxy can be applied over pool tile, steel liners, concrete liners, fiberglass, and even any custom artwork. We strongly recommend hiring an experienced pool coating company to apply a protective epoxy to your pool. The protective pool coatings we use here at Dragon Scale flooring are available in many decorative colors or can be a clear coat to seal your current decorative pool liner.

Don’t Forget your Pool Deck

These specialty pool deck epoxy products aren’t just ideal for protecting your pool deck from the elements, they also provide a slip-free surface to make it a safer place. If you’re having your concrete pool sealed, have the company who is doing the service also apply a pool decking coating at the same time while they are out there to save a little money on labor.

Dragon Scale Flooring is a protecting floor coating company who offers concrete coatings and pool coatings for home-owners and business-owners at an affordable price. If you’re looking to apply a pool coating surface to your home or business’ pool, give Dragon Scale a call today for a free estimate at 844-237-3566, or fill out this form on our website.