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Showroom Flooring

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When it comes to showrooms, flooring is as much on display as the products you are showcasing. That’s why it’s important to choose the right concrete coating or floor covering product that will enhance the showroom experience for your visitors. We are based in Laurel, MD and perform showroom flooring installation in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and all over the East Coast.

Showroom Flooring Options

Whether you are showcasing cars, furniture, technology or fashion, your showroom needs flooring that complements the product you are selling and shows it off in the best light. You may also need flooring that can tolerate heavy foot traffic, as well as heavy stationary load of your display items. With that in mind, consider the following flooring materials for your showroom:

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Custom Design Flooring

Flooring can help you create the right atmosphere in your showroom. Just like you spent time choosing display stands, lighting, scents and background music, give some thought to flooring as well. Should it be subtle and downplayed? Should it have a high-gloss surface to reflect the lights? Should it shine and sparkle to grab attention? We can help you find the right flooring materials and decorative options to implement your artistic vision.


Contact us today with any questions or to request an estimate on showroom flooring.