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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

Thinking about changing your home’s carpeting? At Dragon Scale, Inc., we’ve been providing homeowners in Maryland with our carpet and flooring services for years. No matter the design of your home, we know you’ll find the perfect carpet options in our catalog. We wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can sort through the different carpet styles we offer to find the right option for your home.

Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

How Will The Room Be Used?

Before you lay down any flooring, you should consider how the room will be used. Will there be light or heavy traffic in the room? Is there direct outside access? Some carpets are more durable than others, and you’ll likely want to plan accordingly. If the room will be used heavily, then you likely need a more durable carpet.

Color And Style

You probably have an overall design for your home, and you want your new carpeting to fit right in with that design. In our flooring catalog, we have carpets of all colors, patterns, and textures. Whether you’re looking for something with an eastern mosaic design, or something with a solid color, we have all kinds of carpeting.

Will Stains Be a Concern?

How much will this room be used? If you’re looking for carpeting in a main room, say a dining room or living room, then you probably need a stain-resistant carpet. If it’s a room with low traffic, perhaps a guest bedroom, then you don’t have to worry as much about stains and can instead choose your carpet purely based on aesthetics. Get into contact with our team of flooring designers who are trained to help you find carpeting that fits the functionality of your new floor plan.

Get Help From an Experienced Maryland Flooring Company

Trying to plot out a floor plan redesign can be a very difficult and stressful process. Don’t go at it alone… get help from our team of flooring professionals! We’re standing by prepared to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today, or stop by our showroom, to learn what could be in store for your home’s flooring future.