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Can I Change the Stain Color on my Finished Concrete?

Concrete is known for its durability and long lifetime. It’s an incredibly sturdy material, able to hold up to the harshest elements. It’s perfect for industrial flooring, but can also be adjusted to residential flooring for something as simple as a bathroom.
Depending on the style you’re going for, you’ll probably want to stain your concrete a certain color, or colors. Deciding the first stain is the easy part. Attempting to change the stain color later on is the difficult task that we’re going to tackle. Concrete stains are stubborn, but it might be possible to change the color on your finished concrete. Here’s how.
Can I Change the Stain Color on my Finished Concrete large

Reactive and Nonreactive Stains

There are two types of concrete stains that can get the job done. The first is reactive concrete staining, which is a kind of acid that reacts with the concrete. The water and acid solution mixes with the lime in the concrete to create a variety of colors.
Depending on the shade you use, you can transform the appearance of your concrete. However, the color is only easily predicted when used over white or gray concrete. When used over another color, the end result can vary wildly.

Non-reactive concrete stains are water-based, and mixed with pigment and acrylic. Because they’re water-based, they don’t react with the concrete–they simply create a dyeing effect. Nonreactive stains have a huge color selection, and it’s much easier to change these when you’re ready for a new color.
If you aren’t sure what kind of stain you have, you should always ask the professionals at East Coast Kemiko!

Can the Color of Finished Concrete be Changed?

In short, yes. Nonreactive stained concrete is going to be easier to fiddle with. You’ll be able to tell the color of the finished product, though it’s always a good idea to run a few tests.
However, a reactive stain can give you a classy, marbled finish. While it might be a little more difficult to change later on, it’s easily one of the most beautiful results. An acid stain will work, but it is especially effective on concrete that has no specific color. Once again, though, you should always be running tests on unnoticeable patches to see what the finished product will look like.

Don’t forget the proper process of staining finished concrete!

Remember, the process of staining finished concrete has several steps. Each of which is very important, and should be taken very seriously if you plan to achieve your desired result. Don’t forget that there are various other products you’ll need if you want to get that beautiful finish you’ve always wanted.
If you’re looking to completely change the appearance of your finished concrete, call East Coast Kemiko. We can solve any problem you have regarding stain color on finished concrete–we can even recommend products and solutions to help you get to where you want to be.
Whether it be a residential or commercial project, East Coast Kemiko can help you get the job done.