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Bring a Decorative Concrete Coating To Your Showroom

If you own a commercial retail business, you know how important it is to create an exhibition space that best showcases your products for sale. No beautiful showroom is complete without decorative flooring that not only draws customers to the space but also flows comfortably with the rest of your store.

Bring a Decorative Concrete Coating To Your Showroom

Whether you’re selling cars, apparel, or furniture, it’s important to choose a showroom flooring that benefits your company and increases the amount of business your store receives. Here are some concrete coating options that will make your showroom stand out among the rest:

Stained Concrete

Concrete is often seen as plain and dull, but grey concrete can be stained with water-based stain or acid to create outstanding results. Unlike paint, stain will never chip and can be used in both indoor and outdoor showrooms with the same durability and beauty. Concrete stains can come in many different colors and can be applied with stencils to create artistic patterns to give your showroom a brilliantly unique look.

Overlaps and Custom Designs

Want to make your showroom complexly customized to your brand? Your company’s logo or other desired image can be overlaid and applied to your concrete floor, which is a great way to give your showroom a more exciting look. Professional installers use stenciling and digital image transferring to achieve a highly personal feel.

Metallic Epoxy Coating

Metallic epoxy coating adds a reflective and shimmering surface to your concrete floors. This floor coating can replicate brilliant silver, copper, or bronze. It also comes in a variety of colors that can be applied together in a lava flow technique. Colored metallic epoxy coatings are great for artistic spaces and automotive showrooms.

Granules, Chips, and Flakes

Quarts granules, vinyl chips, and stone or metal flakes can be spread into epoxy flooring and sealed in to create a look that replicates granite, Terrazzo, or any other scheme you desire. The flakes and chips are “broadcast” or spread onto the epoxy by hand and excess is vacuumed up to finalize the distinctive coating.

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