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Best Flooring Options for a Restaurant

Best Flooring Options for a Restaurant

When choosing the best flooring for your restaurant, you must be considerate of every type of person who will talk through your doors, from hungry guests to the waiters and chefs that keep the eatery running smoothly. Let’s take a look at a few different types of flooring that work well in a restaurant setting!

Coated Concrete Floors

Coatings for concrete can do many things to improve your floors, from masking imperfections to protecting it from extreme heat or moisture. Since concrete is naturally porous, adding a layer of coating helps seal the flooring and makes it easier to clean and maintain. The fact that it is also slip-resistant makes it an even better choice for commercial applications like restaurants. This type of flooring is best in kitchens and bar areas.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet is a good flooring material choice for front-of-house areas of the restaurant. It is naturally slip-resistant and can be customized with many different colors and patterns. Carpet is cleaned relatively easily with a vacuum, and the tiles can be removed and replaced without difficulty when bigger spills or messes occur.

Protect-All Floors

This type of flooring can be used anywhere throughout your restaurant. Protect-all flooring is a quarter inch thick non-porous, noise reducing flooring that is comfortable to walk and stand on for prolonged periods of time. It is resistant to slips, water, stains, fire, and mildew.

Flooring Tips for Restaurant Owners

  • Flooring for customer dining or waiting areas should be attractive in color and/or pattern, slip-resistant, and should reflect your branding.
  • Flooring for kitchens and other employee areas should be sanitary, easy to clean, able to tolerate spills and dropped items, slip-resistant, and comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats should be used at hostess stands, kitchen prep counters, and wait stations when flooring that is not very comfortable to stand on is unavailable or not used in these areas.
  • Cold-tolerant flooring is great to use inside freezers or refrigerators.

The professionals at Dragon Scale Flooring can further assist you with picking out the most suitable flooring for your restaurant. We specialize in D.C. commercial flooring and have over 40 years of experience in the industry. By breaking up the space in your restaurant, we are able to assess the functions of each section and advice you on which types of flooring work best for different areas.

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