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Aging in Place versus Senior Home Living

As we, or our loved ones, grow older, living our daily lives can become increasingly difficult. Most older people require help in performing their daily routine. Older people usually choose to either age in place or live in a senior living home. We took some time today to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two.

senior living at home

What is Aging in Place?

Most people would prefer to age in place, meaning they spend their latter years in their own homes. This makes sense. We’re comfortable in our own homes. We enjoy the privacy, space, and the amenities not found in a senior living home. There are a variety of things that can be done to make aging in place easier. Most who age in place are visited periodically by a nurse and have their house “senior-proofed”.

What is a Senior Living Home?

Senior living homes have lots of different names. Some call them “old-age homes”, others “assisted living facilities”, and others “retirement homes”. No matter what you call them, they all perform the same basic functions. A senior living home is a place where the elderly live together and are looked after by nurses, maids, and cooks. They usually host events throughout the week to help keep everyone active, and many elderly people enjoy being around others their same age.

Which One is Right?

This is a very personal question. If an old person’s health has deteriorated too drastically, then aging in place may be off the table, but if your health is still relatively good, you could definitely thrive aging in place. Consult with your physician, and your family, to figure out which option is the best for you.

Get Help from a Professional Aging in Place Renovator

Here at Dragon Scale Inc., we’ve been helping Marylanders renovate their homes to help them age in place. If you’re considering aging in place for your twilight years, we can help. Get into contact with our team of experienced Maryland home renovation specialists to learn more about the services we offer.