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Acid Stained Floors We Love

At Dragon Scale Flooring, we live for concrete coatings and stains. They are one of our favorite projects because the results are completely different and unique on every floor – no two are alike! Our experience working with epoxy resins, urethanes, coatings, and acid stains makes us a leader in custom concrete work. One of our favorites has to be acid stains and coated concrete floors.

With over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry we’ve had the pleasure of finishing thousands of custom floors. There is something very special that happens when a stain permeates concrete, it creates a unique and luxurious texture and character that can’t be replicated. Each floor is one of a kind and, depending on the stain color, the coating, and the technique the finished project, can be quite mesmerizing.

We’ve collected several of the best examples of custom and high quality Acid Stained Concrete Floors from the internet and put together our favorites to share with you.

This Earthy Garage

acid stain, garage, floor, flooring, custom

This is a custom acid stained garage floor completed by Dragon Scale Flooring recently, we love the rustic look and feel.  The earthy tones really help to warm up the space in the garage, the texture of the stain also helps to hide imperfections on the surface of the concrete floor.

This Tortoise Texture

acid stain, flooring, seal, concrete

When someone wants to add character to a room, and a rug just wont do, this amazing technique using multiple stains and coatings goes above and beyond and almost looks like turquoise stone. The possibilities of decor and style in this room are really endless with this floor as a base, and we are inspired by it.

This Almost Aquatic Floor


It’s almost like walking on water when you walk in this room, it creates a dramatic effect that we think is perfect for wowing guests and customers. The different levels of absorption create pockets of deeper color and texture that give this floor amazing depth.

The Happy Mistake


Remind you of putting your coffee mug on something and leaving a ring? While this floor was totally intentional it does encompass that happy mistake of leaving a perfect, little coffee ring on a piece of paper. This makes the retail space more dynamic and helps hide flaws and add character. Notice that crack in the floor? Neither did we.

Black Stain


Black Stain is rarely requested so when we get to see it in a finished project, it excites us. The effect pictured feels like a water color painting, and as we’ve discussed is completely unique and one of a kind.

Grey Concrete is boring. Take risks and stain your concrete with an acid or water-based stain to create spectacular results. Unlike paint, the stain will never chip and works on both indoor and outdoor spaces. Colors can be mixed, textures added, and the possibilities are endless. Our expert floor artisans are prepared to give you a one of a kind breathtaking floor that will revolutionize your space. Just contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more.