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6 Places you might not expect to find Rubaroc

Rubaroc is a rubberized safety surface which is applied to indoor and outdoor areas. Unlike any other resurfacing material, Rubaroc combines high tech polymer resins with rubber to create a resilient, non-slip, virtually indestructible surface. Rubaroc is mixed on site and trowelled onto any base surface. It also comes in almost every color and you can easily have logos and designs added. Because Rubaroc stretches, it is crack and break resistant and skid resistant as well. We are calling it the future of flooring in our industry.

You may have already stood barefoot on Rubaroc surface and not even realized it. Rubaroc has been around for 30 years and has already been installed in thousands of places. Here are just a few places where you might not expect to find this revolutionary flooring:

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Rubaroc flooring is bouncy and slip resistant, making it a perfect surface for a children’s play area and playground. Additionally, bright colors and patterns are a snap to integrate. More and more playgrounds are making the switch to Rubaroc for safety and to extend the life of that play area. Because it’s virtually indestructible, there is no upkeep or repair that will need to be made over time.


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Amusement Parks

Amusement parks, particularly the water park kind or those that feature fun water attractions will use Rubaroc surfaces because they are truly slip resistant. This protects the park’s visitors and employees from potential injury. And because they are so easy to clean, maintenance is a breeze for park staff.


rubber flooring, golf course, path, rubaroc

Golf Courses

Many Golf courses are now seeing the return of investment that Rubaroc paths can have for their business. Rubaroc will not crack or chip like traditional paved paths; it creates a smooth and enjoyable ride for golfers driving carts and provides support to those golfers who walk the course.


rubaroc, rubber flooring, floors, slip resistant pool flooring

Swimming Pools

Rubaroc is the no-brainer choice for pools and pool decks. No matter how wet, your pool deck will not become slippery and the water will not be absorbed. Not to mention that it won’t burn the bottoms of your feet in the hot summer heat like concrete.


vet, vet tech, pet shop, pet store, flooring, rubber, floor, rubaroc

Vets and pet Stores

Vets, pet stores, and even horse farms are seeing the true beauty in having a Rubaroc floor. It offers an easy clean up and is virtually indestructible, even against paw, claws, and hooves!


slip resistant gym flooring


Outdoor and indoor exercise and sports facilities are choosing to enhance their gyms and courts with Rubaroc. No nee to repaint lines, repair cracks, or do resurfacing. Rubaroc is a lifelong product with a guarantee to support it. No slip means fewer sports related injuries on the court and that it is perfect for outdoor spaces that are exposed to the elements.

So as you can see, Rubaroc Flooring isn’t just for garage floors – it’s popping up everywhere, thanks to it’s versatility and longevity. You should start noticing Rubaroc in even more places too, from your favorite restaurants to the wildlife trail you walk your dog on. If you are interested in installing Rubaroc, contact Dragon Scale Flooring, a certified and expert Rubaroc Flooring installer on the East Coast.