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5 Ways Rubaroc® Makes Home Maintenance Easier

Dragon Scale Flooring is proud to be a certified installer of Rubaroc® safety coatings on the East Coast. This resin-based coating has been around for 30+ years and was used in numerous commercial applications, but not many homeowners know that there are also plenty of uses for Rubaroc® around the house. When we tell our residential clients what Rubaroc® can do, they are often amazed that they’ve never heard of it. And when we are finished with the installation, we often hear something like “why didn’t I do this 5 years ago?” So, allow us to show you the versatility of this coating and the many ways it can make your home maintenance easier!

Pool Deck

Traditionally, residential pools are surrounded with poured concrete, pavers or natural stone. Although these materials do the job of providing a level, clean surface around the pool, they each have their own drawbacks. Pavers and natural stone can be slippery, while concrete can get hot, is rough under feet and snags on clothes.

Meanwhile, Rubaroc® solves most of these problems. Because it’s part rubber, it’s naturally slip resistant, which is a good feature to have around water. And thanks to its unique formula, it also doesn’t absorb heat, making it comfortable to walk, sit and even lie on during a hot summer day by the pool.


Driveway maintenance is often a big pain for many homeowners. Whether you have a concrete or an asphalt driveway, it’s eventually bound to crack and crumble away. You have to constantly seal it and repair cracks in order to maintain a decent appearance. Wouldn’t it be nice to never worry about your driveway again? Well, you can do this for the most part with Rubaroc®. It can be installed on top of your existing driveway—even if it’s cracked—and it will last for many years with little maintenance. The secret of Rubaroc® is that it’s tough, yet flexible, which allows it to move with temperature changes and earth movement without cracking. Give it a try, you’ll like it!


Garage flooring takes a lot of beating from your car’s tires, salt and slush in winter, and the occasional dropped hammer. Concrete slowly deteriorates, developing cracks, pits and absorbing stains. If you care about how your garage looks and how long it lasts, it may make sense to protect it. Protect it with Rubaroc®! You will get a new, attractive surface that will effectively cover up any cracks and stains in the concrete underneath. It will also be easier to clean and maintain, not to mention the custom colors and color combinations you can choose!

Porch and Patio

All those worn-out outdoor spaces and walkways around your home can also benefit from Rubaroc®. Demolishing and reinstalling a concrete patio can be expensive, and you can paint your porch only so many times until it needs a permanent solution. This permanent solution could be Rubaroc®. Use it to transform virtually any solid surface, whether it’s an old brick patio, a stamped concrete walkway or unsightly front steps on your entrance. Even that little deck/seating area off your back door can be protected and reinforced with Rubaroc®.

Basement & Sports

Rubaroc® is also safe to use indoors and, in fact, has quite a few indoor applications. For example, you can use it in wet and humid areas like your basement or laundry room, because it won’t warp or heavily shrink like hardwood. In a basement, Rubaroc® could also work great as a flooring for a home gym or kids’ playroom. Got a lot of room indoors or outdoors? You could lay out an entire basketball or tennis court with Rubaroc®, complete with lines. The softer rubbery surface offers the right amount of sponginess for playing sports.

Interested in learning more about Rubaroc® or have questions about a specific application? Give Dragon Scale Flooring a call or contact us online today!