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5 Remodeling Projects That Will Lower Your Energy Costs in 2021

Nowadays more and more homeowners are becoming eco-centric and are “thinking green”. Switching your home to more green friendly solutions isn’t just great for the environment, but it’s also great for your wallet. At Dragon Scale Inc., we’ve helped a lot of Marylanders improve their home’s energy efficiency and wanted to take some time today to talk about some remodeling projects that will lower your energy costs this year.

energy home remoldel
  1. Install Energy Efficient Windows

One of the main ways heat is lost in a home is through its windows. Losing heat means your furnace will have to produce more, which means you’re wasting energy. This energy loss can be prevented though by having a Maryland home improvement company install energy efficient windows. Better window technology is being developed every year, further adding to the money you can save by cutting out energy waste.

  1. Same Goes for Energy Efficient Doors

Just as installing energy efficient windows will help you save on energy costs, so too will having a Maryland home improvement company replace your doors with energy efficient ones. Even just providing some extra insulation to your existing doors and sealing up cracks with foam can help a bunch.

  1. Invest In Solar Panels

Solar panels are a major, and costly, investment, but is one that will pay off in the long run. Homes that receive a lot of sunlight will especially benefit from solar panels. If you end up producing more energy then you need, you can actually sell it to BGE or your local energy provider.

  1. Have a “Cool Roof” Put on Your House

If you have an older roof, it’s likely not helping you in terms of energy efficiency. Having a new roof installed on your home can be expensive, but over time you may end up saving more money. Cool roofs are designed to limit energy loss by helping to cool your home off in the summer. Most cool roofs will also help your home maintain heat during the winter.

  1. Have Any Air Leaks Caulked

Lastly, this is something you can do no matter what kind of remodeling project you’re working on. As homes settle over time, small air leaks can present themselves, though those not in the Maryland home improvement industry may not notice these leaks. The best way to identify these air leaks is to have a home improvement professional inspect your home. Once they’ve been identified, these leaks can be plugged with caulk, and you should see your energy bill drop some.