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4 Tips for Winterizing Your Commercial Floors

Winter brings with it the coldest and harshest conditions planet Earth sees all year, and these harsh conditions can wreak havoc on your commercial floors. As a professional Maryland commercial flooring installer, we wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can prevent your commercial floors from being damaged this winter.

Dragon Scale Flooring Winterize Flooring

1. Reseal Your Hard Woods

The easiest way to protect your hardwood floors is to have them resealed. Resealing your floors will protect them from snow, salt, dirt, and anything else that may damage them. Typically, you’d like to reseal your floors before winter begins, as doing so during the winter can track harsh contaminants onto your floors.

2. Use a Welcome Mat

This is a simple one, but still a tip that can save your floors. Having a good old-fashioned welcome mat can save you lots of money on commercial flooring installation costs. A lot of the damage done to your floors are done by people walking on them. By having a welcome mat, you can provide your customers and employees a spot to wipe their shoes off, which will greatly reduce the wear on your floors.

3. Use a Floor Neutralizer

Ice melt is used during the winter to prevent ice from building up, but ice melt can be tracked into your business and can damage your floor. The best way to remove ice melt residue from your floor is by using a floor neutralizer. The floor neutralizer can be applied with a mop and bucket.

4. Perform Regular Cleaning

One way to keep your floors looking new is to keep them clean! By sweeping and mopping your commercial floors regularly. This will keep them shining in both the short and long term. Keep busy and keep your floors clean.

Work with an Experienced Maryland Commercial Flooring Installation Company

Here at Dragonscale Flooring, we’ve been providing Maryland with our commercial flooring installation services for years, and we’d love to do so for many more. If you have questions about how to keep your commercial floor looking brand new, give us a call.