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4 Perfect Places for Rubaroc Flooring at Home

Are there floors in your home that are slick or difficult to walk on? There are many areas in and around your home that would benefit from a non-slip surface to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

rubaroc flooring home playset

Every year over a million people in the United States are injured by a slip or fall in or around their home, resulting in pain, expensive medical bills, and potentially lost work. Rubaroc flooring is a slip-resistant rubber flooring material that is designed to prevent falls due to slick surfaces. There are many places in and around the home that can benefit from Rubaroc, but let’s look at some of the most popular areas to use this flooring in a residential setting.

Deck or Patio

When it rains does your deck or patio become a major hazard? Wood and stone surfaces can become slick when wet, leaving you at risk for a fall. Rubaroc is a great solution for these areas because it allows these areas that are exposed to the elements to remain slip-free. This rubber flooring also remains cool under the intense sun, making it a beneficial option for decks and patios that may become too hot to walk on during the summer.

Play Area

Rubaroc is additionally a popular choice for playsets and playhouses. Because outdoor play areas are exposed to the elements, the material they are placed on can break down over time and become a hazard after a rainstorm or during icy weather. This durable flooring can prevent your children from slipping and falling in their play area, and can withstand the elements better than traditional wood chips or gravel. Because Rubaroc is a poured rubber surface, it is also more impact resistant than other materials, making it a good option for playgrounds where children are prone to fall.


Outdoor pathways are another great place for Rubaroc because they can quickly become slippery when wet, making them hazardous to your family and your guests. Rubaroc is slip resistant so you can rest assured that the pathways to your house, backyard, or driveway aren’t going to lead to any injuries.

Mudroom or Laundry Room

While Rubaroc is used primarily outside, it is also a great solution for indoor spaces that have the potential to get wet easily. Mudrooms and laundry rooms are a great place for Rubaroc flooring. In the event of a leak or water being brought in from outside, this anti-slip flooring will provide the traction needed to avoid falls and other accidents.

Rubaroc Installation from the Home Flooring Experts

Rubaroc is a great option for your home flooring needs in areas that may become wet and slippery. At Dragon Scale Flooring, we’ve installed all types of flooring for many happy customers, whether it be on their patio, playset, pool deck, or mudroom. We offer Maryland Rubaroc installation and are happy to discuss your flooring project with you.

If you are ready to take the slip hazard out of your indoor and outdoor spaces, give us a call today!