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3 Ways to Use Rubaroc Around Your Home

Rubaroc flooring has traditionally been used in commercial locations but this unique type of flooring can be a great addition to many areas in your home. Rubaroc is a rubber coating that can be applied to nearly any type of surface to protect both the surface and those walking on it. While Rubaroc is an obvious solution for playgrounds and walking paths, it can also be a great addition in your home. Let’s look more closely at the benefits of Rubaroc and the at-home applications.

dragon scale flooring rubaroc

What is Rubaroc?

Rubaroc is a rubber floor coating that can be applied to any type of flooring to prevent slips while also reducing impact in the event of a fall. Because of these qualities Rubaroc is a popular choice for children’s playgrounds and similar areas, where falls happen frequently. Rubaroc is also a very durable choice. Not only is Rubaroc durable and long lasting, it also protects your flooring and is easier to clean and maintain than many traditional types of flooring.

In Home Applications

While Rubaroc can be applied to nearly any flooring surface, there are some areas in the home that may benefit from this flooring addition. Areas of the home that may tend to get wet can greatly benefit from Rubaroc, as it is slip resistant. Garage floors can be coated in Rubaroc to prevent slips while also softening the ground underfoot.

A great use for Rubaroc is in your outdoor spaces, such as playgrounds, walkways, and porches. Because these areas can become wet, Rubaroc can help prevent slips and falls, and if a fall does occur, Rubaroc can lesson the impact. If your home has a pool you might also consider adding Rubaroc to your pool deck to prevent falls. In addition to it’s anti-slip properties, Rubaroc also maintains a lower temperature than asphalt, making it a cooler option for your feet during the hot summer.


Rubaroc is installed by a professional team over your desired surface. Rubaroc can be installed over a surface regardless of cracks or damage to the surface. The rubber is applied over a primer that is put down on the surface. The rubber is then smoothed out by the installer for a flawless finish. Once the rubber has been installed the Rubaroc simply needs to set and then it is good to go!

Rubaroc can be a great solution for homeowners looking to increase safety in and around their house while also dealing with cracked or damaged concrete or asphalt. At Dragon Scale Flooring we are experts in Rubaroc flooring and would love to answer any questions you may have. We are a premier Maryland residential flooring company and we’d love to discuss why Rubaroc can be a great addition to your home, give us a call today!