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10 Flooring Projects to Consider for Next Year

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Wondering what flooring projects to consider for next year? We’ve put together a list of the hottest trends that are taking off in the flooring industry to help you narrow it down. Here are 10 flooring projects to consider for next year.

  1. Decorative concrete floors – We’ve seen this style a lot with acid-stained concrete and other decorative concrete floors the past few years. These colorful works of art can not only match any interior design, but they’re very durable as well.
  2. Accented floor areas – Most homeowners prefer a flooring that flows seamlessly from one room to another. This adds a thought-out elegant look to the home. Next year, expect to see homes with the same tile type across multiple rooms, but where tiles cross over and change colors from room to room. This adds separation between rooms without any physical boundaries.
  3. Grey wood floors – This trend has really taken off making grey wood one of the most sought after wood colors this year and next. Grey wood floors are a perfect accent to a modern white or grey kitchen style.
  4. Logos – If you’re planning on redoing your concrete floor, consider adding a unique splash of color or logo. This is especially popular in basements or garages where a playful, yet attractive floor logo can really add that “wow” factor.
  5. Bamboo flooring – Bamboo has been a growing trend for many homeowners because of it’s sustainability and durability. Additionally, bamboo flooring is very versatile and comes in a variety of colors and finishes allowing it to match most any interior.
  6. Mixed-Width Flooring – This style appeals to our sense of curiosity and beckons the eye to take a second look. If done right, a mixed-width floor will add an extra layer of complexity and perceived value to an otherwise normal hardwood floor.
  7. Large Tile Flooring – This trend of larger tiles and wider planks has really caught on and we think it’s here to stay. This modern look makes rooms look larger, and it’s a lot easier to clean with less grout lines.
  8. Reclaimed Wood Flooring – A sustainable take on the recent barn-wood trend. As opposed to sourcing new pieces of wood for floors, opt for a reclaimed wood floor. These types of natural hardwoods provide character to a homeowner looking for a rustic look and style.
  9. Cork Flooring – Much like bamboo flooring, cork floors are very sustainable. Cork flooring actually comes from the bark of the cork tree—and it grows back! Not to mention, this type of flooring has anti-microbial properties, and is quite durable.
  10. Textured Flooring – Texture adds an extra layer of complexity to a floor. Rubaroc® flooring is one type of textured floor that is slip resistant, noise dampening, comes in hundreds of colors, is easy to maintain and repair, non-porous, and extremely durable. It’s a great option for outdoor flooring projects or re-finishing your garage floors.

If you’re looking at what types of flooring projects to consider for next year, but what to have it installed by a professional, get in touch with Dragon Scale Flooring today. Dragon Scale Flooring will evaluate your space, listen to your requirements, take into account the aesthetics and come up with the best floor coating or covering that will do everything you want it to do. Although we are based in Laurel, MD, our service area covers the entirety of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, and the rest of the East Coast.